Fun in the Snow – Coronet Peak, NZ

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Fun in the Snow – Coronet Peak, NZ

A dream of mine has always been to play in snow. Thanks to New Zealand I was able to tick off another dream of mine. Being from hot humid Queensland in Australia the freezing cold is SO very appealing and having an amazing hubby who likes to make my dreams come true took me there.

coronet peak

Coronet Peak near Queenstown is a hot spot for skiers during the winter season and driving up there in our hired camper I could see why. Steep slopes with endless views made getting to the top more exciting. Seeing as this would be my first real experience with snow I had no idea what to expect. Luckily for us it was not ski season and we pretty much had the whole peak to ourselves.

Bundled up in my parka, beanie and scarf I was so excited and bounced my way up the stairs looking forward to FINALLY getting my chance at a snow angel. Little did I realise that snow angels are for fresh powdered snow…not melting snow.  Following Dean up the snowy peak was a challenge for a first timer and many giggles (mainly from Dean) was had. Deciding that getting my leg lost on a misguided snow patch wasn’t enough of an experience the snow fight began. Trying not to fall and tumble down the peak while throwing and dodging snowballs would have been an hilarious sight to watch from below.

Now that my blood was pumping and I felt warmed up I decided it was time for that angel. Instead of leaving an angel all I was left with was a wet bum and a giant grin on my face.


I will never forget my fun in the snow and next time I get the opportunity to visit the snow I will be leaving behind a proper snow angel.


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