Stonehenge – A Walk Among the Prehistoric Monument

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England is so rich with history that I think it is sacrilegious not to experience all the old ruins and monuments while you are there. So, off we went to Stonehenge. One of the 'Wonders of the World'. Cloudy sky over Stonehenge. How to get there Stonehenge is easy to get to from [...]

Things to do in London

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Like most people I speak to back home in Queensland, London is a favourite holidaying destination for most people. Here are some things to do in London when you visit. The London Eye Standing at 135m high the London Eye gives you remarkable 360 views across London. Standing on the South Bank of the river Thames [...]

Childhood Dreaming in Notre Dame

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Like most people from my generation who grew up watching Disney movies religiously I was always enchanted by the Notre Dame Cathedral from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. If by some strange reason you do not know the story, it is about a deformed bell-ringer (the Hunchback) who must find his independence from the cruel [...]

Weekend in Hungary

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  It has always been a dream of mine to visit the country my mother was from, as I think it is important to learn about where they came from, because it gives us a better sense of how they grew up. My mum is originally from Szeged and is very passionate about her home country, [...]

A fabulous birthday in London

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Seeing as I only get a birthday every four years I took my sister out of school for the day and head into London. All dressed up for a big fun filled day we caught the early express train to Waterloo and walked straight over to the iconic London Eye. Not only were we treated [...]

An Evening in Paris

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It gets dark late in Paris during May, and although the night time air is quite cool, the long day light hours provide a reminder of the upcoming summer months. As such, when we wandered out of our apartment one evening to go out for dinner, we found ourselves walking in daylight despite it being [...]