Christmas Trifle Recipe

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Making a Christmas Trifle is a tradition in my household. Every year Dean and I will prepare our trifle together the night before Christmas to feast on for Christmas Day. The great thing about trifle is you can alter the ingredients to suit your tastes. Trifle Ingredients. Ingredients 1 packet [...]

Little Heavenly Christmas Rum Balls

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These little heavenly Christmas Rum balls are a big hit in my household, so in the lead up to Christmas I thought I would share the recipe I use. They are also a great gift idea for coworkers during the holidays. Ingredients. You will need:   250g Arrowroot Biscuits 395g [...]

Chiang Mai: A food lover’s paradise

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There is no doubt about it. Thailand has some of the best food in the world. Its unique cuisine of aromatic spices and flavoursome tastes has the attention of most of the world, and for food and travel lovers, a trip to Thailand is a must. In all of my travels in Thailand, the city [...]