DIY Fabric Wall Art

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I love being creative and creating new things for around my home. Here is a lovely coastal inspired wall art tutorial using left over fabric. What you need Scissors Pen/Fabric pencil Ruler 3 Large photo frames (white or natural) Fabric (optional) Paper with printed saying, fabric glue White Frame. Step 1 [...]

Christmas Wreath DIY

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With Christmas coming up fast it is time to start putting together some decoration ideas to WOW your guests. Why not start with a Christmas Wreath. First of all you will want to pick a colour theme, whether it is traditional, natural or rustic. I have chosen natural with this wreath. Finished product [...]

How To Arrange Your Flowers

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A floral arrangement is a great way to make a statement, whether it being with fresh flowers or artificial. In this step-by-step guide I will be showing you how to arrange flowers with two sized floral arrangements using my artificial flowers and greenery. I have chosen to use Hydrangeas for my arrangement, but this concept works [...]