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 Margarita Sunset is a lifestyle blog and shop, bringing you unique pieces from around the world for you to buy. 


About me.

My name is Veronika and the only reason I work is to travel. I currently live close to Brisbane CBD with my husband, Dean, and dog, Mindy. Being a gypsy at heart means I am never in the same place for too long and always planning my next adventure abroad. When not travelling I enjoy reading, great coffee, wine, food and netflix. Okay, some of these things I also enjoy while travelling.

I am obsessed with home styling, antiques, fashion and family. Being creative and creating new pieces is very important to me, and I gather inspiration from periods in time or my travels. 

The reason I created this blog is to share my stories and inspire you through fashion, travel and D.I.Y articles.  

                                                               Enjoy xx


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